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Blog by nasTgirl nikki

There to begin, Her indulgence. It is by Her indulgence that contact was made, though I tried many times to gain Her attention, I found quickly She was indeed, as many here have noted, different. Niteflirt is full of script girls and dial-a-dommes, which can be quite satisfying for kink exploration, but a true submissive needs a true Domme.She commands a room with a gaze, the slightest upturn to Her lip indicates the confidence of Her superiority and hints at untold delights.

Goddess Mz Devon commands that attention from the first time you actually interact with Her. When you feel Her gaze upon You, the time is here, to shrink or step forward. It takes some courage to make the leap, to face judgement, knowing one will be found wanting but doing so all the same. I only hope to find my poor habits to be easily malleable to Her standards, that I may better serve.

Such is the nature of submission, the goal being the pleasure taken from the pleasure given. The joy of seeing Her smile, to hear a contentment that Her wants are satisfied in the tone of Her speech. The truly submissive are not humiliated by service, the ego must be put aside to perform with eagerness and gratitude the tasks She has lain before us. We need also recognize the duty of submission is to perform these tasks for Her pleasure, not for reward or recognition, but simply because they please Her in some small way, whether by making Her life easier, more luxurious, or simply to remind Her that lesser beings acknowledge Her superiority without question or hesitation. Sure, we love to be told we’re a “Good boy/girl”, and we absolutely crave Her mastery of our kinks, but these rewards should be seen as Her leisure, desired but never expected.

The importance of such devotion cannot be understated, as She has allowed those lucky among us to be shaped by Her will. This may require some repetition, not only to create and enforce the new neural paths such training will ingrain upon us, but to overcome old influences and reroute poor habits from previous experiences that may displease Her. To seek always Her approval, whether She is watching or not, to work always for Her gain, easing the burdens of everyday life that Her mind may focus on such enlightened visions as we are incapable of conjuring, this is service. I only hope I may be of service always and with a glad heart, and maintain my focus through the travails and trivialities of my own life.

Blog by daniel b

The night of December 4. 2020 was the night my life changed.

On that day, I was randomly browsing flirts on Niteflirt. I had never really been a big fan of Niteflirt myself, but it was something to do, so why not?

Among the flirts I browsed was The Goddess Mz Devon. There are many attractive women on the site, but something about Mz Devon caught my interest. I looked over her listings and was introduced to her website. I noticed that she had different PTV (pay to view) games on her site, which was surprisingly low priced for the images that was in the previews.

One of the games I found there was the “pay piggy drain game”. I am familiar with findom and I was well aware of what a pay pig was, but this message file was priced at just 1$, which I thought was strange for a financial game. I absolutely loved the pictures that I was awarded with during the game and I was very intrigued by Mz Devon’s seductive words. She had a way of forming sentences (even written ones!) that just tapped into a special part of my mind, that left me wanting more.

I sent her a chat complimenting her and expressing my newly found interest in her work. I also asked her for her advice on how to go about exploring her files. She recommended me to listen to her mp3 files in the following order: “Mind Melt Mantras”, “Invading you” and “Weakness Embraced“.

I laid down in my bed and listened to both mp3 files, and by then I was hooked. I asked for more recommendations, which she happily gave based on my personal fetishes, and I eagerly gobbled down “Weakness Embraced”, “The Voice That Owns You” and Our Future Together”.

The absolute point of no return was when I bought “your PURPOSE”. I was so compelled to prove myself worthy of serving The Goddess Mz Devon at this point, that I had no will to resist. I sent her a tribute and told her that I wanted to serve her. I think you listeners may be able to guess what happened next, especially those who have experiences the pleasure of serving Mz Devon. I spent the whole night obsessing over her audio and media files and chatting with her. I was up until 6AM (I live in Scandinavia, so the time zones are very different. So, while it might be night here, it could be midday in Canada). I have never experienced mindless obedience and devotion such as tat I felt in this moment.

My devotion, obedience and my need to serve hasn’t changed, and I don’t think it ever will. I have been lucky enough to be able to get to know Goddess Mz Devon better during these days, and I am now a proud Devonite that worships at her temple. I honestly did not believe I could ever feel this attached, devoted and thankful for anyone, in such a short time. And its an experience that cannot be compared to anything I’ve felt before, and I am so thankful for my Goddess Mz Devon to grant me a place at her feet.

An extremely lucky Devonite

Blog by lesley fables

Goddess says I’ve got to find my footing and see the flow.  After a week of serving her, I think I understand how to make my devotion to Her last, which is what I want most.  I agreed on Her conditions, and things seem to work fine.

Firstly, Goddess demands my daily devotional praise as the bare minimum of my dedication to Her.  I can afford it even when my credit cards are running low.  Of course, praising Her in public is seriously addictive.  But I don’t mind – it’s what Goddess deserves, anyway.

Secondly, Goddess gives me a lot of tasks to carry out for Her.  Most of them are free.  They do take some time, but not too much, so I don’t run into problems here, either.  Of course, many of these tasks humiliate me even further, but that’s what I’m here for, isn’t it?  I really have no reason to complain – obeying Goddess is fun.  The task I hate most so far is recording my journal entries.  They sound horrible with my non-native voice, and yet Goddess publishes them.  But I’m beginning to get used to the idea.  Having my depravity published has become part of the game.

Thirdly, Goddess loves to receive a gift card every day.  I’ve been sending Her lots of them so far, but this is something I can’t keep up in the long run. 

Fourthly, Goddess enjoys to cash drain me as much as I love to be drained.  But it’s consensual with no harm at all.  And I suppose She’s glad that I give what I can give happily without hurting myself, and nothing more.

Fifthly, I must ache for Her all week except on Saturdays, when I’m allowed to climax.  This sounds like a perfect rhythm for me, making me crave Her without letting the frustration take the better of me.  I’m supposed to call Her on Saturdays in order to get rid of my filth, which I haven’t done yet.  I’m a bit afraid I might chicken out in the end.  But I think my arousal will keep me focused, although this Saturday, it’s really difficult to find enough privacy for a call during holiday season with all the relatives around.

My collection of Goddess’s worship pics keeps growing and growing.  I also bought a couple of audios and videos of Hers in order to sink even deeper into Her seductive web.  Today, She has started to send me short voice messages.  That’s so awesome, and I feel so close to Her.  She even answered the “Naughty and Nice Poll” in a very personal, very nice, very understanding, and very long voice mail.  I think I really should gather my courage and call Her.  I’m Hers, anyway, so why be afraid?

Other blogs describe Goddess as stern and cruel.  That’s pretty much the opposite of what I’ve experienced so far.  She’s been nice to me, demanding, purposeful, but always kind.  Am I doing anything wrong?  Will there be a nasty surprise at some point?  Or am I doing everything right?  I’m really, really curious how things will develop.  And I’m horny to no end after a week of chastity.  Wow!  Who would have thought I’d end up like this?  This is the place I always longed for: submissive heaven.

Blog by lesley fables

Things have calmed down a little.  I have accepted my fate of being a sissy slave to the Goddess Mz Devon.  I keep staring at Her cleavage whenever I get the opportunity, and listening to Her audios twice a day.  I secretly repeat many mantras all day.  I’ve become an obsessive pay pig of Hers.  I can’t resist the urge of tributing Her.  What I give isn’t much, but it hurts nonetheless because I tribute again and again.  I try to resist, but I can’t.  She has taken control of me, and it feels really, really good.  I adore my Goddess.

Throughout the next few days, I might be a bit distracted.  I’m going to stay with family, and I won’t have the privacy to do any weird things.  But I think the inevitable will happen, anyway.  I’m aching for Goddess so much that I’ll most likely beg for release.  I can take chastity for quite a while, but not forever, especially not when teased like this.  I’m not sure how She’ll react.  But I guess it’ll be expensive and mind-blowing again.  She’s simply the best seductress on the planet.

I have a fun task to look forward to.  When I get back to work after holiday season, I’ll have to wear panties every day and take pictures.  I’m pretty sure Goddess will use these pics against me, and I’m looking forward to this.  I love how She humiliates me in public.  She’s really the best, and I’m glad to be mindlessly Hers.

Blog by lesley fables

Things have changed after the big cash rape.  I thought I’d just quit, and cherish the memory of having been totally abused by a vastly superior Goddess.  But I’m unable to do so.  The Goddess Mz Devon got me hooked.  I don’t know how She does it, and I don’t know why Her magic works a million times better than any other domme’s.  But here I am, aching for Her attention, almost dying to obey Her, to carry out a little task for Her, anything.
I keep tributing Her, yes, smaller amounts than before, although I know I can’t keep it up in the long run.  I will lose Her attention at some point, I will only be a useless pet for Her, neglected, frustrated.  But still I crave Her presence, I crave being near Her.  I crave Her abuse.

Most of the time, Goddess is kind to me.  She knows I’m longing to be Her good girl.  But now and then She calls me names, humiliates me, which I absolutely love.  I like to be Her lil obedient slut.

Goddess made me take pictures of all of my sissy belongings:  my toys, my hosiery, my bras, my panties, my beauty things.  My treasures are not quite balanced, I guess.  I’m a bit short on bras and make-up, but I have an abundance of panties.  The reason might be that being a sissy is more about the feel than the look to me.  In any case, Goddess seemed pleased, which is the most important part of the story.

I bought another audio of Hers and keep listening to it while watching a slide show of Her cleavage shots.  I foolishly repeat Her mantras while staring at Her, drooling, and aching.  I’m in chastity, of course, so whenever Her voice says I’m allowed to touch myself, I can’t.  But that’s alright, it’s the price I gladly pay for being Her sissy.

I’m aching, and I’m envious.  I wish I could grow boobs like Hers.  Goddess is simply perfect.  I’m so glad I found Her.  I’m so glad She’s melting down my mind, annihilating my willpower, feeding my addiction, pushing me further down into depravity.  I live to serve and tribute the Goddess Mz Devon.

Blog by lesley fables

Everything started quite innocently last night.  My intention was to lock down my Niteflirt account.  I had served several mistresses and seen some good stuff, but mostly rip-offs, nonsense, and time wasters.  I didn’t want to spend any more money and time on things like that.  I just wanted to continue my humble life as a neglected husband and secret cross dresser.  I knew I’d be happy just like that.
At least, so I thought.  But then a simple message in my inbox caught my eye.  “Naughty or Nice Poll“, it said.  What a great way to end my Niteflirt days, I said to myself.  The message was affordable, it contained a few questions and led to a couple of follow-ups which weren’t pricey, either.  The author, the Goddess Mz Devon, was very nice and understanding and promised me a personal MP3 as an evaluation of my good and bad deeds of 2019.  Guess what, I haven’t receive this evaluation yet, because She didn’t have the time yet.  Instead, I found something far better.

Goddess gradually lured me into her web.  Before long, I felt that She was the domme I had been always looking for on Niteflirt without ever finding her.  First, She made me join a Twitter-like community for dommes and their slaves where I had to like and comment on all her posts.  Then She introduced me into sending her gifts from her Amazon wish list.  Later I made the mistake of telling Her in public that I’d love to be on the receiving side of one of Her cash rapes.  Immediately thereafter, the storm was upon me.

Goddess fed me tons and tons of paid messages on Niteflirt (images below), always making sure I’d adore her perfect cleavage and reply with a small tribute.  Being the obedient sissy slut I am, I gave in to everything She told me and tried to please Her best as I could.  After a good night’s sleep, things continued as before, but with an additional twist:  Goddess invited me to Skype and made it seem as if She was looking for some casual conversation.  But within no time, we were back on topic and I was paying Her for dozens of Her wonderful cleavage shots, for Her seductive audios, and Her brilliant little video clips.  I knew I was hooked for life, and I knew that it wouldn’t be me to end this cash rape – it would be Her to show mercy at a certain point.
And so She did after what seemed like an eternity of bliss and happiness for me.  Meanwhile, I had sent Her dozens of pics of me in lingerie already, and She had locked me up in chastity for an indefinite amount of time.  I’m hers, and happily.  I have no idea how things will develop from here.  But I’m eternally grateful to the Goddess Mz Devon for these wonderful 24 hours.

Blog by sissy-slut jonathan

I called Mz Devon for the first time over ten years ago and distinctly remember being scared out of my wits after the first call. I immediately felt a loss of control and my body felt weak. There is something in her voice that just broke me. Because of this, I would call Mz Devon here and there but never really committed because I was always afraid that I would get sucked in and become addicted. After running away countless times I finally took a big step one night. The details are hazy, but essentially I went on cam for Mz Devon and she completely turned me into a whore.

I dressed up in my girlfriends lingerie, rode a dildo, and ate my own ejaculate all while on cam. After this I was owned. I now tremble at any text, message or phone call from Mz Devon. I’m writing this so that others who are considering the idea of submitting to Mz Devon can understand the sacrifice that is required and the reward that follows. The reward is that Mz Devon will reinvent you to what she desires and you get to please an absolute goddess. I don’t know what Mz Devon has planned for me but I trust and love her. She is my new religion.

Thanks, Jonathon