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Blog by cry baby gunnar nybø
Today i gave up my login id and pw to my yahoo account to Goddess. She was in there for a short time, but when i was able to log in again (and found my account completely clean, of course), i could not reach Her.

I was devastated, and scared. I was on ignore… so i thought, at least. When it turned out that the reason was yahoo problems , i was weaker and more desperate for Her that ever before.

Of course She took money again, and i was allowed to buy Her the most beautiful earrings. What a joy and happiness.. Goddess Devon wanted to declare myself better as Her slave, and She wanted me on cam with a sign that stated the situation as it is. Of course i could not say no to Her.

I did as She said, and She has probably now a clear smiling face picture with such a sign. I am scared, but happy. And proud to be chosen to this. She is in my head, heart and body now. I wonder how She will use Her power next.

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