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Blog by cry baby gunnar nybø
I miss the days when i was able to pay considerable amounts every day to Goddess. Back then i had the wonderful feeling of being useful for Goddess Devon, which has now turned into a basic need in my everyday life.

So now, broke, how can i be useful? i am not sure, as the guidance from Goddess is not very specific. Of course i write my blogs, and i vote, but it just dont feel like its enough. I think She is maybe doing this on purpose, She knows my brain works for her now. I have already started to develop cravings in dangerous directions, and i think She knows this is happening of course, as She is probebly the one who has implanted this into my stupid loser brain.

She has told me about Her plans with the site, and the more scary it seems the less resistance i have. She knows that when time comes i will be the easiest victim, it is like She just waits me out to turn into her sitting duck, ready for the kill..

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