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Blog by cry baby gunnar nybø

It takes a lot to be accepted, and there has been moments i thought i would never come to the point where i proudly can announce myself as a true dedicated Devonite. I am not sure i am there yet, in Goddess’ eyes, but in my own mind i am.

I cant wait till She tells me i am in, that i am a trusted member of Her slave-community. I will be so proud when i am in there, hopefully after this week. Right now i am only a prospect, but She has established Her ownership already. I can not go anywhere, She has control of my yahoo account, She makes me have my cam on whenever She wants, She has pretty much all the information She needs from me to have me in line forever. She has of course made every precaution to ensure i will not fall back on my slutty lifestyle, She has made it impossible for any other yahoo person to contact me. And i am proud. Proud that i am chosen to be Hers, to fulfill Her needs, and make Her even more famous. Thank You Goddess, for helping me to get here.

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