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Blog by cry baby gunnar nybø

More than a week has passed since i last had contact with You. That is not good.

I hope You will allow me to explain what has happened in my head. The e-mail You sent to my work changed a lot for me, it was a real glimpse of reality. I have told You how i feel about that, i know You never promised me anything, but i really feel that this was wrong. It made me understand the consequences, and as it happened in a situation where i reaaly thought i was doing my best. That moment i understood i would be ruined sooner or later, if i was good or if i was bad.

I have been depressed since that, and it has made me do unthinkable actions, like tributing another domme. I still am depressed. I have no higher wish than to be Your slave. I want to be that for a very very long time. If You allow me that, nothing will make me happier.

I know You can destroy me, i am fully aware of that. If that is what You do, i can not do anything about that. Of course i dont know how i can survive such a situation, but i guess i will tend to act quite irrationally.

I promise to tribute You every month as long as You want.
I promise to write blogs regularly.
I promise to not tribute other dommes, as long as You dont want me to.

You will be the one who changed me from a slut to a longtime loyal slave.

It would be fair to destroy me if i dont do as i have promised here.

But i beg You to accept that as long as i do this, You will not send messages, mail or make phone calls.

I know that there is a big risk that You will find it more fun to destroy me immediately, and if You choose so, i am prepared for that. I really hope though, that we can build this relationship over time.

Please, Goddess.

Your slave Gunnar.

Maybe You prefer to destroy me

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