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Blog by big loser

Well anyway about a month ago I got dismissed by Mistress Kim because I didn’t trust her, she could have been a fake I don’t know I never got see her on cam but I was still hurt that she said she was done because we did seem click I got along with her well.

I decided to make a myspace page just to see who was around, basically saying that I was looking for a long term financial domme, got a few messages from dommes but no one stood out so I thought I would just add dommes to friends space, most them wanted to know about my social anxiety and how much of a loser I was, the next morning I got a message from the legend Mz Devon, I was pretty nervous for some reason I didn’t see it coming, I thought she would just add me and that would have been it, anyway the message I got from her just said “and you are?” I just took it that maybe she thought I was on of her slaves and didn’t know which one I was, I replied just saying that I was nobody and that I added her because I knew who she was and read her livejournal, she found my message very boring and she thought my message was going to be about spoiling her, by now I was thinking shit that I’m about to tribute the legend Mz Devon I have come across her website and I now from her livejournal that she rapes the shit out of wallets and she is no one to fuck with, so I got a few things from her amazon wishlist and chatting to her on yahoo message.

I have to say I was nervous and shaking the whole time, I never thought in a million years that I could be Mz Devon slave, I just assumed that I would be wasting her time and as I’m writing this I still cant believe that it all this happened, I see this as a huge honor and will do my best to please her, I don’t know what the future holds but I’m very nervous and hope that this is long term

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