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Blog by cry baby gunnar nybø

My wife has tonight found your previously sent sms’es on my mobile phone in the deleted messages folder. As a consequence of that we have of course a major crisis. In that process she has also seen the web page, and she is aware of a major part of my online activities.

I will probably lose my family and maybe most of my social network because of this. I can of course not run away from the fact that i myself is most of all to blaim. This situation gives the words “not a game” a new meaning.

The catastrophy is here, and i cant see the situation can be much worse. If my employer knew, my parents etc, it would not make much of a difference. I am no longer willing to fight, beg and pay for that not to happen. I will not be online anymore for You or any other domme. i will not pay more money. I will delete this account.

Compared to the consequences that i am experiencing, nothing can hurt me. I am finished.

I have lost, but i am no longer a slave.

Please let me look back at this period as a time i had with a domme of decency and integrity, the best one. I will of course not serve other dommes at any time in the future.

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