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Blog by michelle

well so far i have made a number of videos for Mistress – some of you may have seen them just a recap (and i may have forgotten some myself) i have video’d first panties i wore first caging, first uncaging Mistress has made me cum and then eat it up – this was after 2 weeks in the cage and so there was lots of it and it was very thick – it was like having my vey own bukkake party LOL

Mistress made me video pissing in a glass and drinking it Mistress made me video putting on false nails – proper ones that were glued on i have video’d painting toe nails and finger nails – all of them in bright red

last night we video’d my first anal insertion – i will write about that in another blog Mistress also video’d me inserting a needle into my ball sack

i mention all this again just in case wannabies think its easy Mistress gets you on cam and really tests to see if you are real – be warned

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