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Blog by big loser

I’m a loser, I have social anxiety, I work for my father, I still live with my parents, I have never had a girlfriend and I’m still a virgin, maybe that’s why I give money to financial dommes because it’s the only female attention I get, I would give my money to fake dommes because I could just give them what I want when I want and didn’t care, they would dismiss me when they had enough of me and it wouldn’t matter I would just move to the next one.

I made a myspace page really just looking for some attention and not at all looking for a long term financial domme, I sent Mz Devon a friend request not thinking she would send me a message, I have really fucked things up, I know Mz Devon is the real fucking deal and I’m shit scared of her because I’m just a want to be a waste of time, if I knew that she would contact me I would have never have made that stupid myspace page, I did sign up to be her slave but I mostly did it because I was so nervous and I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, she now feels I have made a joke of her slave stable and she is right because I’m a fake, please forgive me Mz Devon I’m so sorry for wasting your time

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