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Blog by michelle

More time locked away…. Mz Devon tortured me with her beauty on cam a few days ago and it took two whole days for the swelling where my cock pushed into the side of the cock cage to go down. well she tortured me well because it is now 4 or 5 weeks i think since my cock was free. i am so proud of that i want to see how long i go before i beg to be released but i dont know if Mistress will allow that.

i love Mz Devon in a way that i am not sure she understands…
oh i know she knows i adore her and i know she knows i find her sexy..and she uses that to gain an advantage…but i am just under her spell and addicted to her i find as we get to know each other more she is pushing the boundaries and i find myself sliding deeper into depravity and loving and needing her even more for it

my wife and i are arguing more than ever…its hardly surprising really its now … what? 12 – 14 weeks since we slep together, i can hardly show her that i am locked away and that i wear panties only now and no male undies… its not easy hiding it – especially in the shower – have to make sure i lock doors this gets her mad too as she says i am shuting her out.

look can i give some advice to anybody thinking of copying me…. think hard first its a big committment… no erections – an you handle it no cumming – can you handle it – especially when you see Mistress and all you want to do is get your miserable cock out and whack it off to Mistress sexiness maybe you can handle all of that…
but what about the wife.. are you prepared for it..the fighting, the deceipt, the difficulty… my marriage is in trouble and i am not sure what will happen… i just know that one day i will serve Mistress for real 24/7 so something has to give but you want that not to happen until as late as possible so beware its not as easy to do in reality – want to be’s will be found out.

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