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Blog by michelle

I feel lost at the moment. Strange I should say that I think as I have Goddess. When I say lost I mean that I don’t really know what I am doing or where I am going. i feel trapped in my body but at the same time i am floating above it looking down watching to see what it is up to. It is as if it isn’t my body.

It is almost trance like in its state and it operates under my instructions which in turn are given to me by Goddess. Interestingly Goddess said she doesn’t look upon me as a male and I really know what she means. I am sure She means it in the sense that I am not worthy of being a male being so submissive but I mean it in the sense that I just don’t feel part of that gender but then do I feel female?

I miss wearing female clothes and not just the panties but stockings and skirts and my other bits and bobs that I have. Having said that I think not wearing them has added to the sense of feeling in no mans land (no pun intended). It is a bizarre feeling of not really knowing where my life is going and what will become of me

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