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Blog by wimp loser

as you can probably see im back again from the wilderness. i had to stay away to rebuild finances and my life. its now 7:15am and ive been worshipping Ms Devon all night.

i havent been able to speak to Goddess for weeks as i was wasting her time with tributes. i finally had no choice and tonight i contacted her begging to be given another chance. i think because goddess knows i try hard she let me pay for another chance.

i was trembling with excitement literally as we chatted. i paid tribute to join Ms Devons site, i missed goddesses message and ended up waiting 3 hours till she got back from the beach. when i went to the site though… it is amazing the newest photosets and videos are stunning

im already so tired and ive got more voting to do. Goddess sounded pleased to hear from me which was so nice but i was still put to work instantly and had my wallet opened by goddess within a few seconds

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