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Blog by michelle

Goddess has just locked me away in a cage. This has happened before but this time it was very erotic. I have a cb2000 and we use a tamper proof lock that has a unique number. I went on cam naked and first of all showed a sign that said “caged and owned” and another that said “Property of Mz Devon”. I showed the lock to the cam so that the number was clearly visible and then put on the chastity cage and locked it with the tamper proof lock. I then showed myself locked away for everyone to see.

I know that Mz Devon mocks us who go on can saying we want to show off and we are fools. Well fool I maybe but I don’t go on to show off – far from it – I do it because Goddess wants me to and I love her telling me to do things for when she does it makes me happy.

So… I am locked away and I hope that it is for a very long time. I hope my cock is locked away until it shrivels up and is of no use. The moment I went into the cage however I immediately wanted to get hard and have been constantly aroused since then. I just only have to think of Goddess and I fill the cage as much as is possible.

Of course it also means that I am unable to sleep in the same bed as my wife and this creates an interesting tension. The last time Goddess caged me for any period of time it certainly helped create problems in my marriage

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