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Blog by michelle

I sit here contemplating what is happening to my life and it has become increasingly clear that actually I am not wholly capable of managing it. I have talked about my life being empty and it seems to me that I need my life managed on my behalf.

Now this is too big an ask for Goddess to take that responsibility but I do dream still often of living in a cage with Her where she feeds me and clothes me and decides what I will wear or do for Her amusement and all the daily things that most people take for granted yet confuse me are taken away.

Of course this type of ownership doesn’t really happen but it’s a nice fantasy and in my fantasy I am kept on a leash and I am taken shopping almost as a pet where I receive manicures and get my nails done and everybody looks and stare and wonders if that is really a man on the leash … they are not sure because I am wearing a latex mask that makes me look female and I am dressed in harajuku latex…

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to dream and either escape from what we don’t like or smile at the things we want… such wonderful and lucky sub-conscious gift.

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