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Blog by tom

Today marks the 3rd day of my life as a Devonite!  I cant begin to tell you all how special i feel to be serving  Goddess Devon.  Any time Goddess pays even just a little attention to me i get chills.  To have this amazing Woman even notice my pitiful existence thrills me to no end.  i find myself waking up in the middle of the night and hoping Goddess is on line so i can speak to Her even if its just for a minute.  Last night i woke at 3 am and was lucky enough to find God Herself on line.  She only spoke to me for a few minutes (Goddesses are very busy dieties) but afterwards my head was spinning and my knees were weak.  i then spent over an hour on Her members site looking at Her pictures and watching Her videos!!  Am i addicted?  I think so…and i love it.

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