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Blog by molded minion

Yesterday as i spoke to Goddess Devon, She asked if i had done the daily voting. i had to respond to Her that i had not yet done so for the day. She was rightfully displeased and made it very clear to me that i was to do so immediately and make it a priority.

As i proceeded down the various links, i was inundated with the images of BDSM and of beautiful Women using men as pawns for their own gain. i realized that these Women were all Humans, and i was no longer a human but a pawn to Goddess Devon who had enslaved me. i felt like a fish who had swallowed a hook and was now helpless as i swam beneath the Images of Beautiful Indulating Women who were also looking to snare and capture slaves. In this quantum foam of bdsm, i swam and kept praying to Goddess Devon for Her Pleasure. i realized that this world was real, it was the real world, not a fantasy.

The theory of relativity holds true across many spectrums and this knowledge nearly overwhelms me as i digested its implications. In this world, i am looked down upon by Superior Women, and the Greatest of All of these Women is Goddess Devon. i have been impaled by Her, and am on display by Her, for Her benefit and all of these other Women are looking down upon me and other slaves as we swim around and vote.

I realize that this is the proper world and i am being used and displayed by Goddess Devon. Her Beautiful Body is dressed seductively as She uses me and then tosses me back in chains to await the next day to begin the journey anew.

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