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Blog by molded minion

i was thinking about how this blog represents a prison cell and as you read, it is like looking in through a glass window down at my predicament. The other blog entries from the other devonites are like adjacent cells, each along a hallway, each with a window inviting you to gaze in and stare.

Each devonite is in its own prison cell, jumping through hoops, begging to please Goddess. They are doing anything they can to get a crumb of Her Attention. She may or may not even recognize them at all. She may laugh, She may punish, She may chastise or not depending on Her mood, but still they are compelled to humiliate themselves for Her while on public display. You can choose to pause and watch any of them, to laugh or enjoy, as you stroll down the hall of cells.

If you gaze back into my cell, you will see that i have been tied to a spit and that i am rotating slowly over a red glaring bed of charcoal. My ankles and wrists have been strapped together and tied securely to the spit. Ropes encircle my thighs, waist, chest, and head. Each rope has pulled my body tightly against the spit. A stabalizing rod runs into my anus and another runs into my mouth; thus securing me in an immobile position as i slowly turn, over and over.

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