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I am gasps4life and i am a new pet of Goddesss Mz Devon. i have always been looking for a Mistress like Mz Devon – beautiful, sexy, erotic, cruel, skilled in the art of manipulation, and truly addicting. After searching and briefly interacting with other Mistresses, i finally found the One True Goddesss Mz Devon on Moneyslaves.

I had seen her site before but was always nervous about contacting her, thinking she was way out of my league, and she is, but she has mercifully taken the time to financially abuse and mindfuck me to the point where i couldn’t imagine a world without her in it anymore.

i am truly a Mz Devon addict, and thankfully she looks favorably on my asian whore wife, who i sent some pics of while she was smoking pole and getting a face full of cum. I sacrifice my whore wife and wallet to the Goddess Mz Devon

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