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Blog by michelle

I log onto my computer and I click on explorer and I go into my pictures where I have all of my pictures of Goddess Devon. I scroll through them, I have talked about my favourites before. I look lovingly at the picture of Goddess lying down cupping her breasts with the red streak in her hair. I lust at the pictures of Goddess where she sits and shows her thighs.

I secretly lust after Goddess’s beauty, after all isn’t that what initially attracted us into her lair and isn’t that why she is a Goddess in the first place. Her demeanour sets Her apart from anybody else I have ever met, there is a total confidence in Her superiority. Goddess knows how useless and pathetic males are. She knows that females are superior to us males in every way and in my case Goddess doesn’t even think of me as a male. I am not sure how Goddess does view me because I am certainly not worthy of female status and yet there was a time when I was to be put onto a hormone regime that would have seen my cock (or more accurately HER cock) wither away and little nipples develop that would have been a precursor to maybe small breasts

The point of all this is that when I accepted my position some time ago – and this really occurred after Goddess emotionally broke me (for She most certainly did) she broke me into little pieces and I realised how superior Goddess was to me and that She always would be and that whatever She decided for my life was the way it was going to be – the position being that I understood my insignificance and that I really was very submissive – it was a thoroughly liberating experience for which I will always be grateful to Goddess for.

I love you Goddess Devon

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