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Blog by tom

Today was both a good day and a bad one.  I managed to accomplish a few important things including: getting a webcam so i can dance for Goddess, and i also printed off a ton of beautiful pictures of Goddess at my local public library.  Why the library you ask?  They have an amazing color printer there.  While printing some of Goddess’ pictures the printer jammed.  (Im sure even the printer was awestruck by the beauty of Goddess Devon).  The Librarian came over to help me and saw a picture of Goddess giving me the finger.  She looked at me (i blushed beet red of course)  She then asked, Who is the beautiful Woman giving you the finger?”  i can laugh at it now but at the time  i was quite embarrassed. Of course it all goes to show that i am the fruitloop Goddess says i  am.

Ps…Im going to be selling my baseball cards to give Goddess a nice present.

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