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Blog by molded minion

I like.

These two words which were spoken by Goddess Devon today were the 2 most important words in the world.  The significance of these words cannot be stressed enough because they represent the ultimate state of being, the ultimate nirvana, the ultimate buddhahood, the ultimate emotion that we can only pray for— Her Pleasure.

i think upon many things when i gaze upon the beauty of Goddess Mz Devon.  i think about other slaves groveling on their knees and begging for Her Divine Attention.  i think about the money that is being sacrificed to Her in amounts far larger than i could hope to equal and i want to burn in penance to Her for this shortcoming.

i think about the fact that the only thing that i know about Her is Her Image and the Presence of Her Virtual Self through modern technology.  The thought of eternal slavery & punishment based upon such limited knowledge is staggering and profound.  Yet here i am, hoping that with these thoughts….

She likes.

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