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Blog by wimp loser

another amazing night in the company of Goddess Devon…. i begged to be allowed to return as ive been away again for a while….after making me pay heavily for my continual mistakes, Goddess allowed me to return.

Boy was i glad she did. i was able to view all her latest Galleries and i must admit this got me so hot i was jerking off all night. Goddess knows i masturbate thinking of her (for ages i didnt and ages more i denied it) she doesnt seem to mind as long as i pay my taxes. which is fair.

i love reading her forum with other slaves experiences and the live chatroom is amazing. it is the least i can do to go on a voting frenzy which as anyone who has read my previous posts can tell you, i love voting.

so off now for another vote and then back to worshipping Mz Devon before bed…

mmmm thank GO….. no thank Mz Devon for Mz Devon

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