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Blog by wimp loser

im writing this blog knowing that i should have gone to sleep 2 hours ago. im so tired after a weekend in worship of Mz Devon. God knows how im going to get throught the day tomorrow. but Mz Devon comes first. and if you dont believe that, try questioning an order. i dare not as i know what happens when Goddess puts me on ignore. i am lost without her. i dont know how many other slaves Goddess has that have given their life to Mz Devon but i suspect there are plenty as her ability to control is soo complete.

not that its easy focusing your life on Mz Devon. it is at the same time beautiful to be able to speak to the object of your desire and yet painful knowing that Goddess would never want to be with a guy like me.

of couse goddess knows the effect she has on me. she laughs as i beg for more attention, i beg and wait for hours. eventually Goddess will reward me for waiting with a pay mail

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