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Blog by slut girl

So i spent all these long days trying to to think of Her and going on with this my try to get rid of this dangerous addiction i had on Mz Devon.

The truth is that as soon as this window pumped my cock got stiffed and at full atention. It remembered me how much i missed Mz Devon and how deeply im involved with Her. I guess i have no choice. Seems i cant control nothing of this and i have absolutly no power at all. I dont know whats happening in the future. For now im feeling owned again, submissive as ive always been. Seems Mz Devon has pulled the leash She has around my soul and i can only hope She doesnt force me further into this insane submission i feel for Her. Im aware of Her power and Her superior soul so i really dont know what to expect in the future. She is the Goddess, and what a Goddess. I wanted real, i found my real owner. Mz Devon sluts me as She wants.

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