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Blog by michelle

Well today was the day all of my body hair was to be removed.

So armed with two razors and shaving gel and warm water and a towel – oh and some hair removal mousse i set up to do it.

I put in place the cam and made some signs. I stood naked before the cam and displayed the signs showing authenticity that this was a approved production.

Firstly I shaved under my arms and that felt strange as it’s the first time ive not had hair there ever since puberty. I know it will itch if I allow it to grow back so best let it look girly all the time I think.

Next I spayed hair removal mousse all over my chest and legs, making sure that all around the back was covered too. The instructions state that you should leave on about 8 minutes which is the time it should take me to shave my cock and balls.

I must have sprayed some onto my nut sack because it started to burn, however I shaved my pubic area and then jumped in the shower where I made sure the water was nice and hot.

It seemed funny as I rubbed my legs and the hair came off in chunks leaving brown clumps all over the shower. I washed and dried myself and looked at my girly appearance in the mirror all smooth and delicious and then back on cam to show Goddess and just to show her how smooth my legs are I put on some white stockings for her.

God I cant wait for the next stage…

Goddess will be putting up the videos we made for you all to see – so please do as she commands and use them instructively

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