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Blog by michelle

I was sitting down at my friends when I got a text message telling me to check my online mail. As soon as I got home I did just that.

The mail header said “I have decided” and of course I opened it. At this point those who read my blogs will know I have served Mz Devon for some time now and in that period my feelings about Her have changed immeasurably. She excited me like no other and I live in a perpetual state of arousal at the thought and hope of one day being sent an email that says “I have decided that I want you here by my side”. So I opened the mail to find Goddess’s thoughts that she had decided to own me even more.

Goddess has a picture of me dressed up all girly and Goddess has decided that she is going to recreate me. She is going to mold me into what she wants me to be and dress me how she likes. We are going heavy on this one.

Goddess immediately decided we needed a new chastity device which we will ceremonialy open and cage me and she has some serious heavy duty times in mind. We have ordered a pink one and pics and videos will be available when it arrives. Goddess also ordered the removal of all body hair to be recorded too for other sissies to watch and learn from.

My old life or Goddess’s as it is these days just got a lot more exciting

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