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Blog by michelle

I sit here with a completely shaved body and I love it. I love looking at my shaved legs and I feel a sort of sexual satisfaction that ‘ordinary’ people would feel from vanilla sex.

I am almost part of this lifestyle and though I have felt as if I have been for sometime this feels very close and I feel consumed by it.

What I am I have always been since I was 11 years old I think. What I am is consuming me and doing so at an accelerated pace.

My long suffering wife has found panties and stockings and my old cage that Goddess caged me in for so long. Worse still she found credit card statements and bank statements showing what I have spent on this lifestyle.

She is as you might expect not happy. She is both upset and angry. The anger I can deal with but the upset seems so unfair despite Goddess calling her a troll. She thinks I am an addict and need counselling and she has asked me to leave though she is being realistic over timing as things are not easy right now.

The thing is, I am at a real crossroads. Either I take therapy and cure my addiction or I follow the lifestyle. One thing is sure and that one of those options HAS to happen there is no fudged issue on this one. I am scared of where I am going and it is emotionally very hard. I want yo have my clothes picked and my food chosen and bought and all of my salary going to Goddess but so scared.

Scared most of not having anyone to hug and hold hands with. I need a partner who I can share the lifestyle with.

I want to be shaved always and having my cock caged forever holds no fears as my thrills happen through shoping for ladies clothes and make up. I want to have periods and if I have to also to take hormones and to have manicures and false nails and I want to wear girly pj’s to bed and only be allowed to wear girl clothes at weekends. If Goddess wants me to wear diapers then I will.  Anything for Goddess.

Please help me.

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