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Blog by study

i had a Domme added to my favorites for a while but hadn’t called her before not sure if it was because i was nervous or we weren’t on at the same time or what it is the day i i mailed asking if i could call.then i received my first goddess mz devon e was short and sweet.i was told to wait until it was a good time for her to talk.i hadn’t even meet her and i was already following orders.when i did get to talk to her it was much different form the handful of others id talked to before her.she was real , i got a sense of that right away.her voice was also amazing.i couldn’t stop adding more time because of how good the conversation was.and i mean just that , good conversation.don’t get me wrong it was sexy as hell also but she was taking the time to see what i was into and told me about her.she wanted to see if we were into similar things and not just trying to get me off and get another guy on the line.she was the real deal.we talked more and both explored a fetish i was interested was just a hour or so ago and i already cant wait to talk to her again ….

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