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Blog by study

dear goddess mz devon

i don’t know what to exactly say here i’m just feeling a lot of things right now after yesterday.maybe i should start with some bad news.i failed a big test today at school and i’m going to need to spend more time studying than i did yesterday.also i’m not sure how much i spent but i know i cant spend like that all the time even though i love talking to you and would love to keep doing it.but as you said hopefully you wont boo’t me (even typing boot is getting me a little hard).

the good news ,for me is , im still sooo happy i found you. i thought about going to a pet store on the way home today and getting a dog bowl.i thought about all the stuff we talked about alllllll day today.i especially thought about the brown pointed tow boots you told me about.about tapping up my hands.and wearing a little snout for you.i thought about you all day.

the first thing i did as soon as i got home was turn on the computer and look for you.i want to praise i want to vote.i wonder if and hope theres a chance for a real time session one day or to take a step back even do tricks for you on cam.i want to show you more pics.i love the control.i love it all.
i dunno what im really even trying to say i just had a lot in my head and kinda wanted to tell you .i hope im not in trouble

study puppy

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