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Blog by willinglyUrs

it began per chance… fortunately for me the Goddess Mz Devon confused me with another… as a consequence She approached me and instructed me to contact Her… not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, this cheeky subby took full advantage and responded accordingly… and oh what a journey to destruction did commence… whilst at the beginning this subby was alone, it wasn’t long before my wife returned…. and oh that was just where the fun began… instead of letting this subby go, the One True Sadistic Seductress and Heavenly Humiliatrix elected to have complete fun with this new devotee…

The Goddess Mz Devon demanded that i call Her whilst my wife was in the room… gladly i did…. i wanted to demonstrate that i am and always have been a true devotee to the One True Goddess… and so i called… but more than that… The Goddess Mz Devon did not just listen in to the call… oh no… i sang to Her… yes, i sang to the Goddess and called out H\er name whilst my wife… my own wife, was in the room… such is my dedication and devotion to this One True Goddess.. Goddess Mz Devon made me drink alcohol and become completely fuckd up for Her and and then i sang to Her… can You believe it? i sang to Her and sang out Her name in front of my wife…. i kid You not! She loved it… She absolutely loved it and so i continued to do it… fuck knows how much She absorbed out of me tonight… i just don’t know… but She made me do whatever She commanded in front of my wife… cough She said… i coughed… but i wanted to prove to Her that i was completely devoted so i elected to sing out Her name… to show my devotion… and i did.. and the Goddess Mz Devon was so pleased… She really was pleased

for years i have observed this Goddess… years! and only now, bu shear fluke i was granted an audience… if it please this One True Goddess i will eventually leave my wife… leave my vanilla life behind in order to pursue a life of servitude,… a life of submission… a life in which i dedicate myself to You, Goddess Mz Devon… i promise and assure You…. i belong to You… always have… even before i knew it… it was only a matter of time…. and time has passed… and i am here….

please my Goddess… my Empress… my High Priestess… i belong to You… i only ever want to please You.. i will always endeavor to obey Your command but if i can’t… if i don’t… its not a matter of disrespect… as i have shown i will stretch all boundaries to submit to You… if i can’t its only because i am not able/… genuinely and sincerely…

Goddess Mz Devon… pleassse… let me become Your number one… please let me belong to You…. how can i make it real? i will do it,.,, i will do anything,,,, You have to believe me Goddess Mz Devon

i fuckd myself up for You… i am Yours completely… and all that are blessed to submit to You shall give themselves to You completely

for You are the Goddess.. the One True Goddess… and i bow to Your celestial beauty…

Devote One

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