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Blog by eternal devonite david


i just wanted to reflect, unfortunately on events that transpired this evening. i am deeply saddened by what occurred so much that i was determined to buy Your ‘Toilet Bowl’ vid and envision myself inside Your toilet for such unwarranted remarks and behavior this evening on my part.

i understand Your position thoroughly and perhaps lost sight for a brief moment that i meant anything more to You than a little Devonite who ALWAYS has to pay for Your time and for such lack of focus i am sorry.

As with all mistakes in life, one should have to pay for them. i am fully prepared to add to my talk sugar account, while You raise Your rates and blissfully ignore me with nothing more than dead air because at this point i do not deserve Your company, let alone the privilege of hearing Your voice.

i hope i can find my way into Your good books once again and that this can be viewed as an oversight by You. i know You are very fair so whatever decision You make i will wholeheartedly support. Once again i did not mean to spoil Your evening, complete with Your feet up, a willing pet and a wine glass clenched with my immature comments.

eternal Devonite david

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