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Blog by eternal devonite david

Whiling exploring my continuing desires of a site i strangely came across a few weeks i found myself deeply rewarded by the Powerful and Valiant Mz. Devon; upon contact.

Initially nervous, to the point of a dry throat i knew i had to call her. i was drawn to her forked tongue that was able to carefully weave sentences and architect scenarios that left me in complete awe. Her ability to craft and manipulate any situation she saw fit was the ultimate turn on and only solidified further why it was imperative that i contact Her.

On top of Her stunning beauty which is easily visualized, her intelligence and firm under standing of the submissive physce only drew me in closer to Her web. i was granted exclusive time with Her and admittance into Her temple, which i thanked her profusely for. Scrolling through Her photo sets i was immediately weakened in the knees and as sudden as a muscle twitch i found myself on bended knee. i dared not get up as i knew this to be a suitable place for me and shall continue to be.

i fantasized about what it would be like to be in Her presence and did not even need to apply much pressure to blow a load directly in my face. i immediately shouted Thank You Goddess in a volume the neighbors might have heard as i was eternally grateful for Her allowing me to perform such an activity to her stunning photos. i look forward to grovelling and kneeling down to her very shortly.

eternal devonite david

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