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Blog by devonite yes boy

I have disobeyed Goddess Mz Devon for the first time this week, and I could tell she was severely disappointed in me. Disappointing Goddess Mz Devon has made me feel terrible and I would do anything to make it up to her. I have apologized to Goddess Mz Devon over and over and although she has not thrown me out it still doesnt feel like enough. I feel as if I have to do more in order to redeem myself.

That being so I have given Goddess Mz Devon everything i got for Christmas in an attempt to make things better, which still doesnt feel like enough. I would do anything for Goddess Mz Devon and angering her has made me feel absolutely terrible. I have told her that I will willingly accept any punishment for my mistake in order to help redeem myself. I hope that Goddess Mz Devon will eventually forgive me entirely for this mistake I have made.

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