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Blog by devonite shimobe

In today’s post I will be rambling a bit, please bear with me… 🙂

My previous blog post helped us both Mz Devon and I have some closure on my current situation. I haven’t talked to her for 5 days now and, as I said before, I will not be wasting her time. The reason I will continue writing these posts is because I truly want to serve Mz Devon irl at some point in the future when my RL situation changes. I don’t know if she will allow me to, but regardless of the decision, I want to make sure that she knows me well. Hopefully these posts address that need.

Over these past 5 days I have continued visiting your site and voting for you Mz Devon. All those of you out there should be doing the same. For me it’s an amazing feeling to know that my time dedicated to clicking some banners really turns into something Mz Devon wants. Seeing her banner on top of the others or with the little green arrow on the side showing that her site gets more and more hits is fulfilling.

In the few weeks I have known Mz Devon, I was able to spend some time working for her. Small tasks that she would assign to me that needed to be done for her site. To me the most important part of these few weeks was learning about Mz Devon. I learned that she is truly a person with class and high standards. She is always in control and has a very clear vision of what she wants. She is honest and down to earth (at least as much as a Goddess can be ;-)). In summary, Mz Devon is very real.

I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Mz Devon.

Yours truly,
Devonite shimobe.

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