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Blog by devonite yes boy

One week, is how long it has been since i have started serving Goddess Mz Devon. That being said, it has been the best week of my life thus far.

Serving Goddess Mz Devon has shown me a new kind of happiness, one I had never thought possible. Just the fact that she has decided to keep me has made me ecstatic. I have made sure to give all my extra time and money to her to show my dedication, and will continue to do so.

Goddess Mz Devon has rewarded me for my dedication by giving me a new name, Devonite Yes Boy. The name she has given me has only added to the happiness that I had before. I assume Goddess Mz Devon has given me the name because I am always replying “Yes Goddess Mz Devon” to what she tells me to do. I find it impossible to say no to Goddess Mz Devon, as I am sure many do. Every time she makes a demand I want to fulfill it right away. Having been given this name I hope to continue to earn it.

Following this, Goddess Mz Devon has put me on a strict devonite schedule, which I will make sure to fullfill on time daily. Disappointing Goddess Mz Devon is not an option for me, and I make sure to fit this in with work and school. Every bit of extra time I have is given to Goddess Mz Devon, so that i can please and amuse her. Along with this I give all of the money I have to her to complete this too. I also make sure to complete my daily praise and voting not wanting to disappoint her.

Having tried hard to show my dedication to Goddess Mz Devon by giving all of my free time and money to her she has given me the privilege of continuing to serve her. Although Goddess Mz Devon has decided to keep me I am determine to continue showing her my Dedication.

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