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Blog by devonite yes boy

Twice I have tried to run away from Goddess Mz Devon, but in the end i always come crawling back. I run away because I am afraid of what Goddess Mz Devon will do to me, but when I do so I cant stop thinking about her. She is always on my mind at all times. Goddess Mz Devon is so cruel, yet perfect in every way, which adds to her irresistable charm.

I have just received a new credit card and Goddess Mz Devon has maxed it out as soon as I came back. There is nothing I can do to stop myself I just want to please her and I can not say no to her. I wish I had more money to give to Goddess Mz Devon because I want to please her as much as possible.

Because I have run away Goddess Mz Devon has made me pay dearly, Literally. I do not mind though because I know it is adding some pleasure to her life however insignifigant it may be. I feel complete again not that I am back serving Goddess Mz Devon

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