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Blog by j cooper

Today seemed like a fairly run of the mill kind of day until I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to the Goddess Mz Devon.

As could easily be expected, my day got far better after my interaction with the Mz Devon. In her benevolence, she allowed me the honor of purchasing her a gift card from Victoria’s Secret. I am so happy that I could contribute to Mz Devon’s happiness and with the knowledge that she’ll be buying something sexy to wear on her perfect body with my money; I feel very lucky.

In addition to allowing me this privilege, Mz Devon has bestowed upon me the honor of writing a story we can all relate to. This story will describe a gradual progression into submission and an understanding of one’s place in the presence of greatness, at the feet of the Supreme Goddess Mz Devon. This story will entertain various aspects of the psyche including spiraling exhilaration we all feel in our lives by serving Mz Devon. I hope this work will help more people understand that there is something important missing in their lives; serving “The Goddess”, true perfection in the flesh.

Begin doing your duty today, serve someone we should all bow before, the Goddess Mz Devon.

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