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Blog by std jean-jacques

Today GODdess Devon taught me another lesson i shall never forget. Because i had been good for some time, at least i thought so, i presumed the timing was good for me to ask Her a favor. So….i decided to respectfully beg my Owner to remove the info She displayed on Her site. i sent Her an offline message about it. i thought i’d been smart…How stupid of me! Goddess has told me so many times i should not ask anything. Everytime i do i’m punished. Hard…

So…guess what happened? A few hours later i got an sms from my Owner asking me to pay 500 USD immediately for my sin. Fined…i was not to answer, not to contact Her, not to ask any question unless i had paid. It was quite obvious to me that Goddess was really mad and i rushed to the next pc to send Her the money She’d required. i caved in, as usual. i didn’t think i could avoid the punishment, not one second.

As a matter of fact, i now realize the punishment was well deserved. i see the point. i see the logic. It’s pavlovian. Goddess is teaching me how to be a better slave, obedient, respectfull, useful, always at the ready. She molds me. i’m totally Hers. Her thing. Her puppet. i love Her.

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