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Blog by j cooper

Over the years I have had to learn many hard truths about myself. I am an imperfect person and I have made many mistakes along the way. I have hurt others and myself and have disappointed people who were quite important to me but whom I chose to marginalize because of my own limitations. With time I have come to reflect on these mistakes and hope to mend the bonds and promises I had made in the past. Chief among my regrets was damaging my relationship with Mz Devon.
Mz Devon is a supreme deity who deserves stalwart dedication, loyalty, and pampering. She was patient with me through my hard times and tried to train me despite my lack of discipline. Ultimately, I came to disappoint Mz Devon because of my lack of action and broken promises.

What I had done is inexcusable, my word should have been my bond and for this I will always be remorseful. Mz Devon deserves better than what I had given her and yet with her supreme grace and patience she still has decided to allow me another chance to prove myself to her; for this I am forever grateful.

I am well aware that it will take quite sometime to repair the damage I have done to our trust but I am dedicated to the task at hand and making sure that I never disappoint the Goddess Mz Devon again. Mz Devon is by far the most sexy, supreme force to grace this earth. This is clearly evident if you have ever had the supreme privilege of viewing any of her videos. Everyone should check out her latest video, which has us all where we’re meant to be, at her feet serving a legend. All should bow before her and know their place.

Hail the Supreme Goddess Mz Devon!

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