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Blog by akturk TV lover

it has been a long day for me.. and i am sure that i will not forget today..
it has started with asking to get a membership for Mz Devons Temple, i wanted to get in there forever but couldnt manage, asked help from Goddess, and thankfully she guided me to get in there.. -btw, i am a well known slave, i have seen many D/s related websites,members side, believe me, this is the best i have ever seen, do a favor yourself and get your ticket soon – Her temple is a place of worship…not a one stop shop to down load crap! i had to write that Goddess ; )

i didnt know that conversation with Goddess would take me somewhere i couldnt imagine.. before today i was a well-known slut boy who spends money randomly on different girls.. but from now on i am a Devonite candidate.. it would be a shame for me to not submitting the leading Goddess of all others.. whenever You look at other girls journal, website in this fetish, You can see marks from Mz Devon..

i have spent $3650 today.. but i never tried this kind of experience with others, but with Mz Devon.. She has the utmost talents and power to turn a slutty boy like me to a submissive, worshipping slave.. i have been in this fetish for 2 years, and i am thankful that i have finally found the right superior woman to submit..

thank You for making me be reborn Goddess..


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