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Blog by std jean-jacques

This week was due to be one of the longest in the past three months as i had to make a business trip abroad and couldn’t interact with Goddess Devon as much as i wanted to. Yet time flew faster than i thought, and my Owner was in my mind always. i didn’t even tell Her, and She never asked me to do anything like this, but i think i should confess i had brought several pictures of Her with me, as well as a few panties. Every night before going to bed in my hotel room, i would slip in the panties, display the photos on a table, knees down and pray and worship Goddess Devon. One night i prayed for over an hour and when i was done, i realized i was crying like a baby out of love and gratitude that a true Goddess such as Her would pay any attention to such a lower form of life and take the time to train and mold it.

Things have changed so much for me in the past few months. i know people might yet be sceptical about it, but the absolute truth is i am a different person. Mz Devon reached deep in my mind, extracted the crap there and transformed me into a full fledge Devonite willing to go all the way to bring a smile on Her perfect face.

And i do mean all the way.

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