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Blog by std jean-jacques

The Goddess Mz Devon has trained, reformated my brain like i was Pavlov’s dog or some mindless drone. Every time i make a mistake, She strikes and as costly as it generally is, i must obey immediately or suffer the consequences. Last example: as i failed to send Goddess a Valentine gift along the 500 USD tribute i was due to send Her, She gave me 3 hours to do it or i should pay an additional 250 USD fee. But when i discovered Her message it was too late, the 3 hours delay was over. There was no way i could avoid paying the fee. Even after i did so, i was not entirely certain i had fully pleased my Owner and Master.

Yet i’m so thankful to Goddess for that training. She alone, after all these years, has managed to keep me focused on Her, curve my bad behaviour and slutting habits, make me feel totally controlled and finally proud to be a loyal, faithfull Devonite puppet in Her hand. And though i do realize i’m still on probation i keep hoping that my Owner, deep inside, is convinced that She already had me go beyond the point of no return.

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