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Blog by akturk TV lover
what should be the meaning of V-day for a slave? of course the day to show the gratitude, admiration to Goddess like a groveling, worshipping boy..
i have been working to reload my ccs, and what a coincidence it was that i was fully loaded with cash before the V-day. i couldnt stop myself but listened Goddess’ orders like a good boy.. i was craving to hear another “pay” command from her lips.. it worths to “the days”-i worked so hard to collect that amount of cash if i compare with “the hours” that i spent with the Goddess.. i even started to work harder and looking for getting a new credit card too.. 🙂 its time to make more money to take the stress off from Goddess life and help for moving to her new palace..
i cant enough “thank” her to own me, to train me, to mold me, to let me serve&sacrifice for her.. and its good to know that i have finally found the “real” Goddess who has the ability and power to give my “real” purpose of life..

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