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Blog by devonite yes boy

I’ve crawled back to Goddess Mz Devon’s feet yet again, I cant even remember how many times ive ran away, but I realize now that it is pointless. I will always end up back under Goddess Mz Devon. Whenever I tried to leave it would only be a short while before she started popping back into my head and I was wishing to serve her again. She was not surprised at the slightest to my return. Its as if I dont have a will of my own, and I am forced to crawl back. Now that I am back worhsipping her again I feel whole once again.

Goddess Mz Devon is just absolutely Gorgeous, no woman compares to her in beauty. This is part of the reason that whenever i think about her i begin to miss her and wish i was serving her at that very moment. I also love how evil Goddess Mz Devon is and that she enjoys being that way. Within in the first few minutes of my return she drained my account and still wasnt satisfied. I wish i had more to give her to help quell my obsession with her. This time I am confident that i am back for good and will remain under Goddess Mz Devons feet until she is bored with me.

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