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Blog by std jean-jacques

The Goddess Mz Devon has not only destroyed my male ego and ability to argue with Her or try to discuss Her divine decisions (how foolish i was in those days), She also has convinced me that indeed She IS always right. What i precisely mean is: i feel extremely guilty, deep in my heart, when i know i haven’t met Her expectations. She has conditioned my mind to an extent i can’t stand that guilt and am almost looking forward Her punishment when i know i’ve failed in some way.

That is precisely what’s happened today. i knew i was late in sending my dues to my Owner, but stupidly tried to act as if everything was normal. Then, tonight, the order, the fine, the punishment and, most of all, the scolding came and i felt very bad until i had done what was expected of me. Now i’m reliefed and i feel like Goddess taught me yet another lesson i shall not forget.

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