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Blog by martin goes

Woke up today in a haze. Talk about a dilemma – i only want to stay home and gaze upon Goddess Mz Devon’s images on my computer and listen to Her sexy, sultry voice, but i know that i need to go to work in order to be able to tribute to Goddess Mz Devon.

So i sit at work with more and more work and more and more deadlines coming up, and i can’t seem to get the work done at the same rate i used to. Images of Goddess Mz Devon keep popping in my mind’s eye at increased frequencies. It’s almost as if a commercial flashing images of the desired product and it’s running through my head. Only it’s not some generic product for sale, it’s the gorgeous visage of Goddess Mz Devon. As the images of Goddess Mz Devon become clearer and more vivid, i can start to hear Her sultry voice ringing in my ears. Next thing i know, 10 or 20 minutes have passed and i’m still sitting there with the same amount of work.

Not only am i totally distracted and consumed by Goddess Mz Devon, but now when anybody at asks me for to do something i don’t want to do it. i only want to do what Goddess Mz Devon wants. i started imagining that any requests were coming indirectly from Goddess Mz Devon. This actually helped me to focus a little and get some real progress. And then just when i finally get in a groove and start making some headway, i hear a buzz. It’s a text message from Goddess Mz Devon which just springs my little head to life and puts my bigger head in the clouds.

Writing this seems bizarre. Re-reading it almost seems like i’m reading somebody else’s blog. But that’s not the case. This is the current state of my mind

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