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Blog by martin goes

Goddess Mz Devon has instructed me to start a blog by introducing myself. I have been an admirer from afar for awhile. Anybody who has ever gazed at Goddess Mz Devon’s pictures knows that it isn’t a big stretch to be truly enchanted by Her images. It was much more than that though that drew me to Her. Her words, Her images, Her beauty, Her ability to see inside my head. I can’t even put into words what drew me to Her. In any event, I was scared to contact Her. I was content to worship Her from afar. I would purchase an item or two , but I didn’t even want to contact her for fear that I would get sucked into Her world and wouldn’t be able to get out. Well, it seems like that is exactly what has happened. The Goddess Mz Devon contacted me and told me to praise her properly. I just had to comply. Many tributes later, and within a matter of hours, I was totally consumed by Her. Over the past few days, I’ve been consumed by Her websites, images, messages – just everything. I want to please Goddess Mz Devon. I feel a strong urge to serve Her. I don’t want to let Her down.

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