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Blog by obsessed in AU

It was about a 2 months ago i first found Mz Devons web site. My heart almost stopped that day. Mz Devon was like no other. Over the next few weeks I looked up everything i could find about Mz Devon, searching all details and pics available. My desire and passion to serve, devote and worship her like the Goddess she is. I spent hours looking at her pictures and reading all her wise words. She is so incredibly beautiful-such pouty red lips, luxurious dark hair and the most perfect body imaginable- just thinking of her perfect breasts makes me weak. Above all Mz Devon has such an understanding of her greatness and her power over all males. She really seems to enjoy her abilitys and takes great delight in debasing the millions of pathetic males who are so obsessed with her.

After several weeks of my obsession i finally plucked up the courage to contact her. I was very honoured to receive her replies and have now signed up to join her site (via nite flirt)

Hopefully i will be allowed the greatest of all privilege to be able to dedicate to her fully and truly worship her forever. I can imagine as i learn more about her and her powers i will fall deeper and deeper for her. I am forever changed

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