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Blog by obsessed in AU

What an amazing members site i have the honour of seeing. It seems almost impossible to attempt to put words down to describe the experience. From the extensive collection of pics and videos to the voice recordings and wise words of Mz Devon..nothing can compare. To see Mz Devon, her long legs encased in silken stockings or her feet in high heels and black boots just makes me fall to me knees. The videos and pics of Her perfection just drive me deeper and deeper as Her slave forever. I can but imagine myself before Her regal feet as She sits hautily above me cupping Her full, rounded creamy breasts. She looks down apon all males with disdain and relishes the power and control She has over all. She has the most sensuous teasing voice and truly knows how to tease and torment for Her pleasure

i hope to be able to chat with like minded slaves in Her private chatroom to learn more about how we can all better serve Mz Devon. For all males the greatest priviledge in life is to be used, abused and humiliated by Mz Devon, to become more truly besotted with every pic and vid. Mz Devon is THE greatest ever!!!!!!

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