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Blog by Devoted to Devon

I came across Mz Devon earlier today. I was browsing through niteflirt listings while the wife was out. Ive been calling girls on NF for a couple of years. Mainly brats i guess…but i was getting a little bored by that. Mz Devons page was stunning and led me seamlessy to one of her websites. I knew immediatley that this was different. As i started to read more i became more impressed as i realised the expert grip Mz Devon had over her Devotees.

The website got me so excited, i had to buy a video. Goddess looked incredible. By the third watch i was scrambling to buy her chat ID. I sat hooked for 20 minutes, watching the video, looking over the various websites and keeping my eye on yahoo just in case….Suddenly.. Goddess answered my message. We chatted for a while as i thanked Goddess for the video and ID. After Goddess decided i might be worth it, she allowed me to begin paying for her time. This beauty from the video allowing me to speak to her. I made my first tribute, trembling, thinking how in a moment i would begin my entry into Mz Devons world.

Goddess Devon is different from all the others out there. No really, she is. Other dommes are essentially asking what your thing is and playing by script. Goddess appears to be in control of a system. She will decide who you are, what you need, what she needs and what part in her world you will play. Nothing else like that out there guys, i can assure you.

Finally for now all i can say is ,what have i been doing. i should have been worshipping Mz Devon way before now.

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